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My website is undergoing long overdue reconstruction. Please check back soon for specimen photos and listings. The items currently shown have all been sold except for a couple that got damaged. They will remain in place for price and quality comparisons until new items are selected


Until further notice 10 pound lots of Terlingua Calcite are available for $95 including shipping. Make no mistake, though, there are mostly average quality pieces or better quality that is scarred or contain significant limestone matrix.  But good fluorescence of each piece is guaranteed! These pieces range from golf ball size to 3-4 pounds.  Every variation of Terlingua Calcite (like hydrocarbon inclusions and multi-colored long wave fluorescence) is likely to occur in each lot but is not guaranteed.  With a little effort - trimming and polishing, for example -  several pieces in each lot could become premium quality specimens.  Several lots are boxed up and ready to go. Email for info.
If you are interested in a specimen within a specific size and price  range, e-mail me and I will do my best to find a piece that suits you. 

Fred Gossien

October 25, 2013


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